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From : General Manager


It is my pleasure to give some information about our Company jobs. The company was established seven years ago to participate in market segment of electromechanical work specially  Solar/Micro-Hydro/ Wind Energy  Generation sector.

It is our mission to give you professional solution in field of  Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Machatronics  and Electromechanical  Engineering.  We are here  to work with you on the projects like Solar Water Pumping, Solar Street lighting, Solar Water Heating, Solar Power Supply for institutions in Remote Area(institutions like School, Health Centers, Kebele Offices) , Solar Refrigeration  and Solar Air Condition & Cold Storage.

We are here too;  to supply, install and commission your  agro-Processing factory Plant like Edible Oil Processing Plant, Water Bottling Plant, Tomato Processing Plant, and Milk Processing Plant.

We have great concern on quality of the products that we are importing from abroad. The quality of the products from abroad are third party certified like ISO, CE, TUV and IEC.

We are working on capital goods & Project,  so we are taking care of our customer in responsible and accountable way for the sake of professionalism.

Therefore, we are inviting Governmental Organization, Non-governmental Organization, Private investors, to work with us in Energy Sectors and Agro-Processing Factory Plants.

Thank You!

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