About Us

A.S. Clean Energy Technology PLC was founded on January 2013 by a team of professional Mechanical Engineers, Energy Technologists, Electrical Engineers and Electronics Technologists who are passionate about keeping the environment clean and contribute to green economic development of the country and to contribute the industrialization  and mechanization process of Ethiopia.

Goals / Objectives

Our company aims to provide consultancy services in the field of Renewable Energy Resource Harnessing products, Energy Efficient Technologies, HVAC Works, Agro-Processing Machinery design (Edible Oil refinery, Milk Processing Plant, Tomato Paste and Ketchup Plants, Soap Making Plants) ,  and offer construction, erection and installation as contractor for all Electro-Mechanical Works.


Being internationally problem solving Company in the field of Energy by enhancing energy efficient technologies and renewable energy resources & technology utilization for Electromechanical works.


Working for the satisfaction of physical principles, professional ethics and customers requirement governed by rule of law of the country, international conventions & Trade regulations, and bilateral agreement of partner companies.