HVAC Technologies

  • HVAC is Creation of thermal Conform to enhance productivity of human being in promises of work.

Central Type HVAC System

  • Air Handling Unit of different Capacities
  • Air & Water cooled Chiller
  • Galvanized Sheet Metal Duct
  • Flexible Duct
  • Grille, Diffuser, Registers
  • All accessories

Split Type Air Conditioner

  • Out door condenser & Indoor Evaporator(12,000BTU Upto 36,000RTU)
  • Box Type Air Conditioner

Kitchen Hood

  • A complete set of Kitchen Hood made of stainless steel with Galvanized steel ducts, Fire extinguisher
  • Exhaust and Delivery Fan

Cold Storage

  • Cold storage room materials for meat, fruit, vegetables
Central Type HVAC Typical Diagram