A.S. Clean Energy Technology PLC is established to provide Renewable Energy resources harnessing products and supply services like consultancy, construction, erection and installation as contractor for renewable energy technologies.

1.    Power Generation Works

1.1    Solar Energy harnessing system design, supply and installation

  • Solar Street Lighting
  • Solar Power Supply(for off-grid Household, churches, Health Stations, and schools)
  • Solar Water Pumping.
  • Solar Water Heating.
  • Solar Refrigerator

1.2    Wind Power generation and usage

  • Wind powered street lighting.
  • Wind power Mechanical water pumping.
  • Wind power electrical Water pumping.
  • Wind powered ventilation system

1.3    Hydro-Power Scheme Development for small rivers

  • Pico up to Micro-hydro power scheme, feasibility study, design preparation, supply of electromechanical parts, and installation of them and commissioning of the system.
  • Design, supply and installation of Water Current Turbine (WCT).

1.4    Waste Recovery Works

  • Municipal Solid waste recovery to Energy system Design, and Construction supervision.
  • Biomass digester design and construction for Biogas production.
  • Biomass gasifier design and construction for syngas production.
  • Charcoal and cooking stove production and training.

2.  Electromechanical Works

2.1    Design, and Supervision of Electro-Mechanical Works(Consultancy)

  • Design (sizing) the capacity of a factory based on raw material and market availability and selection of genuine branded plant.
  • Setting procurement methods for the plant.
  • Supervision of a factory plant.

2.2    Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of Electromechanical works

  • Factory plant.
  • Generator, Transformer, Pump and Motor.
  • Boiler, Air conditioner and any thermal system.
  • Electrical system

3.    Metal (Steel, Aluminum)  Structure Erection

3.1    Steel structure design, supply and installation for heavy duty engineering structures
3.2    Aluminum works for building

4.    Water works

4.1    Supply, installation and commissioning submersible pumps
4.2    Water treatment plant installation and reservoir construction
4.3    Plumbing works, pressure regulation system design and installation
4.4    Public fountain construction

5.    Energy Audit

  • Annual(timely) thermal energy audit
  • Annual(timely) electrical Energy audit

6.    Import trade in Electrical and Mechanical Machineries